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To establish and conduct free schools for giving education to underprivileged children, and for their upliftment, and render assistance to their mothers.


  • To aid such children, who have passed through these schools, to attend more advanced schools and so to fit themselves to be teachers, or artisans, or for other useful and profitable employments.
  • To undertake welfare activities for the underprivileged including family welfare, child care, provision of crèches, balwadi, free medical aid, physical training, health education and nutrition.
  • To promote knowledge, literary, scientific, educational, moral and aesthetic.
  • To provide training in crafts, for self-employment, specifically for the disadvantaged.


To work towards the regeneration of educators and the educational community by

  • Organizing seminars and teacher-training programmes,
  • Generating educational materials and
  • Conducting such other activities as will further the above objectives.
  • To undertake animal welfare and environmental work.

OES India has been serving the rural underprivileged communities since 1894

OES was established in 1894 as the Olcott Panchanama Free School for the underprivileged children. During the last 120 years, it has transformed the lives of thousands of boys and girls through free education.

OES has an integral relationship with The Theosophical Society and the six units of the OES function from the International Headquarters of The Theosophical Society. OES was registered as a separate Society in 1905.

Future Plans

Our long time goal is to start a free University for the benefit of orphans, the destitute and poor children.


Year Activities
2018 Started animal Welfare
2015 Started Social Welfare
2000 Provided Education to millions of children
1894 Established with 5 Students


An Executive committee, consisting of people who have experience in various fields, share their experience and skills with the trustees and employees of OES India, on a regular basis.
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