Olcott Memorial Higher Secondary School

Olcott Memorial Higher Secondary School Olcott Memorial Higher Secondary School is a free school providing free education, school uniforms, educational materials and nutritious meals to about 500 underprivileged boys and girls. It was established in 1894 by the founder President of The Theosophical Society for the upliftment of the socially and economically disadvantaged through education. The school emphasizes value education and good citizenship apart from excellence in academics, sports and crafts..


HPB Hostel

HPB Hostel houses free of cost about 30 boys, whose home life is difficult, to enable them to pursue their studies in different schools in Chennai. They are well looked after and are provided with nutritious food and health care.


Vocational Training Centre

Vocational Training Centre provides a year-long free diploma course to about 25 women to acquire skills in weaving, tailoring, embroidery etc. They are enabled to find jobs or become self-employed. The scope of vocational training is being expanded to cover other areas. Recently, a short course was conducted for ex-students of OMHS to enable them to work as electricians.